"We set out to help the consumer thrive by providing great taste, tremendous value, and high nutritional integrity in an unforgettable way.”

Ezra Hamway
CEO and Founder of Imagine That World LLC

Idea to the Shelf


Imagine That World LLC offers an innovative and unique series of fruit and vegetable drinks featuring a patented dehydrating process that captures nearly 100% of the fruits’ and vegetables’ nutritional value. 

With such a unique delivery system, Ezra Hamway, CEO and Founder, gathered a world class team to meet the expectations and demands of the consumers in the food and beverage categories. He personally sought the commercialization expertise of Launch Marketing to help launch the retail program. 

Launch Marketing assessed the viability of product, as well as the innovation it brought to the market, and facilitated a strategy for distribution and awareness in the retail channel. We delivered executive level merchant teams to provide strategic positioning direction for long-term success.  In addition, Launch Marketing continues to provide insights and services to ensure proper shelf execution to deliver incremental sales.  

Upon launch, our team will proactively monitor the performance and inventory on a daily basis to ensure quality execution, as well as steady and consistent brand growth.     

Look for ImagineThat drinks to be available at your local mass retailer early 2016!