"Founded in 1939,  Arcadia Dairy Farms, Inc. was a small first generation dairy business with 30 cows and 70 acres in Arden, NC. Today, although it still remains a family business, Arcadia has a 200,000 square foot automated facility that supplies club, drug, food service, mass, and wholesale channels." 

Product to the Shelf

Arcadia Farms

Arcadia Farms offers an array of refreshing beverages including tea, orange juice, lemonade, punch, and hydration sports drinks. With growing opportunity to take the Arcadia Farms brand to market, we strategically redesigned their traditional brand while remaining true to the company's founding roots. After all, it is easy to lose brand recognition when a company specializes in the production of private label items.

With humble beginnings as a family owned dairy farm in 1939, it was critical to revitalize the brand image without compromising traditions that have contributed to their success. The new brand identity of Arcadia Farms incorporates the original dairy truck in their logo accompanied by an engaging corporate message, providing a traditional feel paired with contemporary elements of the 21st century. Our marketing and creative team develops fresh label designs and sample packaging for retail meetings and trade shows, facilitated development of the new Arcadia Farms website, and much more.

Arcadia Farms has been maximizing private label opportunities and they are now a top seller in their category!