"MilkSplash recently won the World Dairy Innovation Award in the "Best Children's Dairy" category! Both children and adults everywhere are enjoying MilkSplash! The zero-calorie flavorings are available in Jammin' Banana, Orange Cream Dream, Sir Strawberry Swirl, Cocoa Loco, and Cookies 'N Cream! Mmm."


Idea to the Shelf


S&D Coffee & Tea Inc., the largest custom coffee roaster in the United States, approached Launch Marketing with news of an innovative brand they were developing under the name MilkSplash. With the brand being new to the market, S&D Coffee & Tea partnered with Launch Marketing to capitalize on an opportunity to make their delicious milk flavorings available nationwide in the world’s largest retailer.

Launch Marketing helped facilitate a strategy for distribution and awareness in Walmart stores and Walmart.com  We provided insights and services that would ensure proper shelf execution, shortly followed by a 30% lift in sales. Our marketing and sales teams coordinated cross-promotional stores demos and provided additional marketing avenues to promote MilkSplash, producing an incremental sales increase of over a 40%.

Recently awarded the World Dairy Innovation Award in the "Best Children's Dairy" category, both children and adults throughout the country are now enjoying MilkSplash! These zero-calorie products have garnered significant attention since hitting the store shelves early in 2014. At Launch Marketing, we are committed to monitoring the performance and inventory of MilkSplash products on a daily basis in order to ensure quality execution, as well as steady and consistent brand growth.