"Today, you can find Nektar Honey Crystal at many fine grocery stores, online retailers, and in resorts and spas. We're growing each and every day and couldn't be happier to see the positive buzz from across the foodie blog-o-sphere."

Jeremy Edelman 
Founder, Nektar Naturals Fine Food

Idea to the Shelf

Nektar Honey Crystals

Nektar is an innovative brand with humble beginnings. Born in the home of CEO Jeremy Edelman, Nektar offers a solution to the mess and hassle of contemporary honey bottles and jars. Honey is the most natural way that we have to satisfy ones sweet tooth, but the gooey mess isn’t ideal for people that are on the go. This is where Nektar has truly made a break through with their dry granulated honey crystals. The convenient packets allow the consumer to take the product with them as they please without having to worry about spills. In addition, the honey crystals lack the level of viscosity that makes mixing with beverages difficult, while containing half the calories of regular honey. Nektar is also 100% natural, gluten free, GMO free, kosher, and made in the USA.

Nektar sought out Launch Marketing in the Summer of 2014 for both capital and strategic expertise. Launch Marketing then assessed the viability of product, as well as the innovation it brought to the market, and decided on an investment. We have since guided the company over the past year in structure, strategy, and financing.

Nektar has been highlighted by numerous publications including The Huffington Post, Specialtyfoods.com, and “Everyday” with Rachel Ray for its innovativeness and multiple uses as a sweetener. With its plan to expand across mass retail as well as introduce new lines such as maple and agave granulated crystals, Nektar is here to stick around.