"Launch Marketing is responsive, knowledgeable and experienced in delivering positive results. Their ability to grasp our challenges, provide new insights and work effectively with us adds significant value to our team and business. Thank you for all that you do!"

Shamsey Saifi
National Account Manager Pretzel Crisps

Ready for the shelf

Pretzel Crisps

While Snack Factory's delicious Pretzel Crisps are very successful in Walmart's deli department, they desired cross-departmental growth of their crunchy, tasty snacks.

Pretzel Crisps selected the right team to reach new store departments: we were able to bring the Pretzel Crisps brand across multiple store aisles including snack, seasonal, impulse, and promotional, resulting in a drastic sales increase.

In conjunction with this stunning growth, our team worked with Pretzel Crisps to organize several promotional events at various U.S. Walmart locations in support of great items and new flavors. Additionally, we worked to secure several warehouses for the company's top performing products and have facilitated licensed retail partnership opportunities. Did you know that the number of Pretzel Crisps available in-store has more than doubled since 2011?

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